sh_archive_soln Script to archive daily GAMIT solutions
sh_argo2fic Converts fiducial tracking data from NGS ARGO (CIGNET) format to FICA format
sh_argo2rx Translates an NGS ARGO observation (.dat) file to one or more RINEX files
sh_autedit Creates an autcln.cmd.prefit and autcln.cmd.postfit from an autcln.cmd file
sh_base1c3n Creates GMT plots of station timeseries from GLOBK/GLORG output in 1 column 3 row format.
sh_baseline Creates GMT plots of station or baselines timeseries from GLOBK/GLORG output.
sh_bcfit Creates a best fit broadcast gfile and tfile with partials
sh_bctot sh_bctot replaced by sh_bcfit
sh_casefold Case fold a set of file names either UP or down
sh_check_orbfit Check orbfit.rms file to ensure contains only well fitted satellites
sh_check_sess Check either j-file, g-file or sp3 file to ensure has the correct satellites
sh_cleanup Script to cleanup daily GAMIT solution directories
sh_cml Compare 2 files line by line
sh_countx Displays all xfile data content for a given day
sh_cvedt Extract autcln edit lines from the CVIEW summary file vcview.out
sh_cview_panel Use GMT to make multiple panel plots from cview output files
sh_delaunay Use GMT to plot velocity gradient tensor
sh_delete Deletes a number of sites from a given file GLOBK output file
sh_dos2unix Convert a list of DOS files to UNIX (remove the carriage return)
sh_enf_to_vel Plot velocities and coefficients from an enfit summary or outfile.
sh_eq Script to extract co-seismic displacements from a GLOBK/GLORG print file
sh_exeqs Extract equates from an .org or .prt
sh_exglk Extract different types of files from a .org or .prt file.
sh_fic2rx Translate FICA files to RINEX observation and navigation files
sh_find_data Find raw and rinex data using the paths that are set in tables/process.defaults
sh_find_hfiles Find h-files using paths given and link them to the current directory
sh_fixash Fix ASHTECH L12, M12 and LM12 RINEX files that contain 45 micro sec timming errors.
sh_fixms Fix RINEX files that contain micro sec jumps in phase and range observations
sh_fixsst Fix the headers of SST RINEX files incorrected translated as SSE
sh_fixx Fix the headers of old x-files missing LAMBDA values
sh_gamit Script to run a GAMIT solution from raw data.
sh_gamit_atmos Plot time series of GAMIT zenith delays from o-files
sh_gamit_baseline Plot baseline component time series from GAMIT o-files
sh_get_defaults Extracts information from the sites.defaults file.
sh_get_ftp_info Get information about ftp archives from ftp_info file.
sh_get_hfiles Get h-files by day number from the SOPAC archive
sh_get_nav Get rinex navigation files by day number from the SOPAC/CDDIS archive
sh_get_orbits Get orbit files by day number, center and precision from ftp archives
sh_get_raw Get raw files by day number from RAW ftp archives
sh_get_rinex Get rinex files by day number from RINEX ftp archives
sh_get_stinfo Get latest from the SOPAC archive
sh_get_times Generate a list of start/stop times from rxscan output
sh_glbtosnx Convert one or more GLOBK binary h-files to SINEX
sh_glist_gmt Plot usage of stations from a file produced by glist
sh_globk_scatter Create plots of baseline repeatability versus length from GLRED print files or GLOBK bak file
sh_glred Run glred to generate repeatabilities or combine data into a single h-file
sh_history Script to append key information from the current run to the HISTORY file for a day
sh_l_to_xyz Convert spherical (lat/lon/rad) l-file to cartesian (xyz) l-file
sh_link_rinex Link RINEX files from a specified directory to the current day directory
sh_link_rinex1 Link RINEX files from a specified directory to the current day directory (uses rxscan)
sh_make_cmd Create globk and/or glorg command files
sh_make_plate Reads an .apr file and generates a plate input file "
sh_make_rinex Make RINEX from raw; ashtech (R) ashtech (B,E,S) data or trimble (.dat .mes) data.
sh_make_sky_gifs Automates creation of postscript phase residual sky plots and gifs
sh_makexp Run makexp in batch mode
sh_map_balkans Create a GMT map of Balkan (used by sh_plotvel)
sh_map_calif Create a GMT map of California (used by sh_plotvel)
sh_map_china Create a GMT map of China (used by sh_plotvel)
sh_map_elements Generate range and scale for GMT maps (used by sh_plotvel)
sh_map_tien Create a GMT map of the Tein Shan (used by sh_plotvel)
sh_map_turk Create a GMT map of Turkey (used by sh_plotvel)
sh_merge_nav Merge RINEX navigation files from individual statons into a single combined nav file
sh_merge_rinex Merge part-day RINEX files into single-day (0-24 UTC)
sh_metutil Read a SOLVE o-file and set of MODEL z-files and compute zenith wet delay and precipitable water
sh_nrms Gets GAMIT normalized rms's from a list id q-files
sh_oneway Generate phase residual or phase correction plots from autcln output or spcsnr output
sh_org2plate Script now obsolete: use sh_org2vel
sh_org2vel Extract velocity / EQ / plate info from a glorg output file
sh_plot_lfile Plot l-file coordinates using GMT
sh_plot_profile Create a plot of velocity profiles generated by the gamit utilities program profile
sh_plotcrd Make histogram and time series plots from glred output.
sh_plotk Plot receiver clocks found in k-files
sh_plotvel Create maps of station velocities from GLOBK and GLORG output files.
sh_plotvel2 Create maps of station velocities from GLOBK and GLORG output files.
sh_postscript Scale and translate postscript files
sh_preproc Pre-process required GAMIT input files. (Used by sh_gamit)
sh_qoca_to_globk Convert QOCA velocity output file into GLOBK velocity summary format
sh_rad_stat Outputs statistics for radiation parameter estimates
sh_rxscan Scan and summarize list of rinex files given
sh_scandd Scan predicted post-fit residuals and generate lists of series rms
sh_sel_rinex Selects rinex data to be ftp'd from SOPAC or CDDISA
sh_setup Check and setup the GAMIT tables directory
sh_sigelv Create a gamit n-file from the autcln.sum.postfit file
sh_sp3fit Create GAMIT g/tfile with partials from SP3 orbit file
sh_sync Sync two source file directories by moving the latest version to the target directory
sh_trajectory Creates GMT plots of position trajectory from mb_*.dat? files
sh_tshist Make a histogram of position/velocity wrms/nrms from GLOBK bc/en/bl/sum component file
sh_uncompress Uncompress links. On most systems this is done by uncompress (HPUX 11 requires zcat)
sh_upd_stnfo Update using header infomation from rinex files
sh_update_eop Get BULL_B or BULL_A tables from USNO
sh_velhist Make a histogram of cumulative residuals from single-column file
sh_xtorx Run XTORX to convert X-files to RINEX files
sh_xtosess Make from x-file
sh_year Convert year in any given format to 1, 2 and 4 char year
sh_zero_up Make the UP rates for all sites in an .apr file zero