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published :


Masson, F., Van Gorp, S., Chéry, J., Djamour, Y., Tatar, M., Tavakoli, F., Nankali, H., Vernant, P., 2006, Extension in NW Iran Driven by the Motion of the South Caspian Basin, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 252, p. 180-188. PDF file


Walpersdorf, A., Hatzfeld, D., Nankali, H., Tavakoli, F., Nilforoushan, F., Tatar, M., Vernant, P., Chery, J., and Mason, F., in press. Difference in the GPS deformation pattern of North and Central Zagros (Iran): Geophys. J. Int. PDF file


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Masson, F., J. Chéry, D. Hatzfeld, J. Martinod, P. Vernant, F. Tavakoli, M. Ghafory-Ashtiani, 2005. Seismic versus aseismic deformation in Iran inferred from earthquakes and geodetic data , Geophys. J. Int.,160, p. 217-226. PDF file


Vernant, P., F. Nilforoushan, D. Hatzfeld, M. Abbassi, C. Vigny, F. Masson, H. Nankali, J. Martinod, A. Ashtiani, R. Bayer, F. Tavakoli, and J. Chéry, 2004. Contemporary Crustal Deformation and Plate Kinematics in Middle East Constrained by GPS measurements in Iran and Northern Oman, Geophys. J. Int., 157, 381-398. PDF file tableau des vitesses au format GMT


Vernant, P., F. Nilforoushan, J. Chéry, R. Bayer, Y. Djamour , F. Masson, H. Nankali,  J.-F. Ritz, M. Sedighi, F. Tavakoli, 2004. Deciphering oblique shortening of central Alborz in Iran using geodetic data, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett., 223, p. 177-185. PDF file


Nilforoushan, F., F. Masson, P. Vernant, C. Vigny, J. Martinod, M. Abbassi, H. Nankali, D. Hatzfeld, R. Bayer, F. Tavakoli, A. Ashtiani, E. Doerflinger, M. Daignières, P. Collard, and J. Chéry, 2003. GPS network monitors the Arabia-Eurasia collision deformation in Iran, J. Geodesy, 77, 411-422. PDF file


Vernant, P., F. Masson, R. Bayer, and A. Paul, 2002. Sequential inversion of local earthquake traveltimes and gravity anomaly: the example of the western Alps, Geophys. J. Int., 150, 79-90. PDF file


Proceedings et mémoire de thèse :


Bayer, R., E. Shabanian, V. Regard, P. Vernant, F. Nilforoushan, M. Abbassi, J. Chéry, M. Tatar, E. Doerflinger, M. Peyret, M. Daignières, O. Bellier, D. Hatzfeld and M. Mokhtari, 2003. Active deformation in Zagros-Makran transition zone inferred from GPS measurements, SEE4 procedings, Tehran, Iran.


Masson, F. Nilforoushan, P. Vernant, M. Abbassi, D. Hatzfeld, C. Vigny, F. Tavakoli, R. Bayer, J. Chéry, E. Doerflinger and J. Martinod, 2003. Tectonic implications of GPS measurements in Iran, actes du congrès SEE4, Téhéran, Iran.


Nilforoushan, F., Masson, F., Chéry, J., Nankali, H., Vernant, P., Tavakoli, F., Bayer, R., 2003. Present-day surface deformation in the Central Alborz (Iran) from GPS measurements, SEE4 procedings, Tehran, Iran.


Ritz, J.-F., S. Balescu, S. Soleymani, M. Abbassi, H. Nazari, K. Feghhi, E. Shabanian, H. Tabassi, Y. Farbod, M. Lamothe, J.-L. Michelot, M. Massault, J. Chéry, and P. Vernant, 2003. Determining the long-term slip rate along the Mosha Fault, Central Alborz, Iran. Implications in terms of seismic activity, SEE4 procedings, Tehran, Iran.


Vernant, P., Cinématique actuelle et dynamique de l’Iran : GPS et modélisation numérique, Thèse, Univ. Montpellier II, 251 pp., 18 Décembre 2003. PDF file


Vernant, P., Inversion conjointe des anomalies de propagation sismique et de pesanteur : application aux Alpes Occidentales (programme GéoFrance 3D), Mémoire de DEA, Univ. Montpellier II, 46 pp, 22 Juin 2000.


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