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SNR Analysis package:

The GPS SNR analysis program consists of the several parts.  
(a) A rinex observation file with the S1 and S2 (SNR) observables
is needed.  (teqc can generate such rinex files from raw data).
(b) A rinex navigation file is needed.

Two programs must be run to generate the phase corrections based
on SNR variations.
(a) svsnr  -- Generates a SNR file from a rinex file.
(b) spcsnr -- Generates the the phase correction using as input a
              SNR file generated by svsnr.
(c) sh_oneway -- Generates plots of the results using the output of
              spcsnr and GMT version 3.0.

The files svsnr.hlp and spcsnr.hlp are the help files for these 

The sequence to generate the results in the Example directory is:
svsnr auto2110.98n holc2110.98o  -2459517.949   -4655992.271    3589168.797 >! holc2110.snr
spcsnr holc2110.snr >! holc2110.spc
sh_oneway -dphs holc2110.spc  -type DPHS -elev

The sh_oneway script generates postscript files: and

NOTE: The holc2110.98o rinex file does not contain station coordinates
and so these need to be passed in the svsnr runstring.  (If the rinex
file containes coordinates, as most do, the coordinates are not needed.)

Included also in the Example directory are to postscript files.
which are generated from the geodetic analysis of GPS carrier phase