GAMIT/GLOBK Web Tutorial



Introduction to GAMIT/GLOBK pdf_file

Automatic processing with GAMIT pdf_file

User controllable options in GAMIT pdf_file

Understanding what sh_gamit does pdf_file

Tuning AUTCLN for editing pdf_file

Tools for finding problems in the data and processing pdf_file

GLOBK theory and solution types pdf_file

Using GLOBK and its associated programs pdf_file

Automatic processing with GLOBK pdf_file

GLOBK velocity and coordinate solutions pdf_file

Plotting and analysis programs pdf_file

Utility programs and scripts pdf_file

Kinematic data processing pdf_file


This tutorial is an updated version of notes from the course taught by T. A. Herring at the Council on Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) Center for Mathematical Modeling and Computer Simulation (C-MMACS) in Bangalore, India, 28 January 1 February, 2002.