Pan-American Advanced Studies Institute (PASI)


PASI GAMIT/GLOBK short course May 8-9, 2013;

Leon, Nicaragua


Course Layout

Day 1 May 8, 2013:

AM Session 8:00am-noon

1.Introduction to GPS data processing and how processing is treated in gamit/globk
PASI_Lec01_Intro.pptx                     PASI_Lec01_Intro.pdf

2.GAMIT Lecture: Overview of standard processing in GAMIT; daily session processing
PASI_Lec02_gamit.pptx                    PASI_Lec02_gamit.pdf


PM Session: 1-5 pm

3. GAMIT Tutorial Session.  Processing of PBO and COCONet sites 2012-2013

PASI_Tut01_basic.pptx                    PASI_Tut01_basic.pdf

4. Model details.  Examines the main modeling and errors that need to be considered in processing. Lecture will be given while computers are processing data.  Data processing can continue over night as well.

PASI_Lec03_models.pptx                PASI_Lec03_models.pdf


Day 2 May 9, 2013:

AM Session 8:00am-noon

5. GLOBK Lecture: Overview of the way GLOBK is used to analyze and combine results.

PASI_Lec04_globk.pptx                    PASI_Lec04_globk.pdf

6. Reference frame realization and how discontinuities in time series are handled.

PASI_Lec05_RefFrame.pptx             PASI_Lec05_RefFrame.pdf


PM Session: 1-5 pm

7. GLOBK Tutorial session: In this session we take results from the GAMIT processing over the 2012-2013 time interval can combine them together to make velocity solutions and time series analyses.

PAS1_Tut02.pptx                               PAS1_Tut02.pdf


Data sets


Base tar file (work if internet available)            COCO_EX_tables.tar.gz

All tar file (no internet)                                          COCO_EX_all.tar.gz

Time series PBO processing of sites                   COCO_ts_coco.tar.gz