Izmir GAMIT/GLOBK short course August 9-10, 2011


Course Layout

 Day 1 August 9, 2011:

1.Introduction to GPS data processing and how processing is treated in gamit/globk
Izmir_Lec01_Intro.pptx           Izmir_Lec01_Intro.pdf

2.GAMIT Lecture: Overview of standard processing in GAMIT; daily session processing
Izmir_Lec02_gamit.pptx          Izmir_Lec02_gamit.pdf

3.GLOBK Lecture: Overview of the way GLOBK is used to analyze and combine results from GAMIT processing
Izmir_Lec03_globk.pptx          Izmir_Lec03_globk.pdf

4.Tutorial session: Salton Sea data analysis around time of Magnitude 5.8 aftershock to El Major Cucapah April 4, 2010 Mw 7.2 earthquake

Day 2 August 10, 2011

1.Modeling details, atmospheric delays, loading
Izmir_Lec04_models.pptx       Izmir_Lec04_models.pdf

2.Treatment of earthquakes, equipment changes and other effects
Izmir_Lec05_RefFrame.pptx Izmir_Lec05_RefFrame.pdf

3.Statistics of time series and determination of error models for velocity estimates
Izmir_Lec06_ErrorMod.pptx Izmir_Lec06_ErrorMod.pdf

4.Analysis of Salton Sea data over a longer period of time using time series.

Data sets

BajaTest Data at time of aftershock: BajaTest.tar.gz
Orbits and nav files in case of ftp problems: BajaFTP.tar.gz
Earthquake file: Salton.eq This file has main El Major Cucapah event commented out.
Sky plots and photos for some sites: Salton_SkyPlots.tar.gz

Coseismic offset model using program simplex and displace: BajaModel.tar.gz
To generate model: csh BajaSimplex.cmd

Timeseries for Salton Sea region:       ts_6hr.tar.gz

GLOBAL times from MIT IGS processing:      ts_DFIX.tar.gz
Earthquake file for these time series: MIT110805.eq